Becoming a New SSEL Experimenter

In order to recruit subjects using the SSEL subject pool and to run experiments in the lab, we require experimenters to fulfill several initial requirements:

  1. All SSEL experimenters must be affiliated with Caltech and have a Caltech ID card
  2. Anyone involved in the design, setup, conduct, or supervision of experiments at SSEL must be mentioned by name on a protocol approved bythe Caltech IRB before applying for registration as an SSEL experimenter
  3. SSEL experimenters must provide a certificate for the completion of required Human Subjects training course as described here.
  4. New SSEL experimenters need to fill in the SSEL New Experimenter Form and await approval from the director
  5. Once approved, new experimenters should schedule an introductory tour of the lab and its systems with the technical manager of the lab